Developers face legal overseer Huck sue Blizzard

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The sudden appearance of a new article in the TorrentFreak. This indicates that the developer giant Blizzard has opposed the so-called Watchover Tyrant, Bossland popular overseer crack developers to California lawsuit. The Watchover tyrant illegal hacker allows players to utilize third-party software, so they can see real-time statistics in the game, place and other details of their enemies. The suit specifically for copyright infringement as its driving force.

This is not the first time to break down the developer Bossland fire came. Blizzard is currently working with the same company with other leading developers Blizzard games such as Warcraft, Diablo III Heroes of the Storm and the world with a similar program being illegal Foundation legal battle.

According to the lawsuit Blizzard claims from distribution Bossland development, sales and hackers is the developer of the huge loss of tens of millions of dollars of revenue, damage to reputation and goodwill of the players directly responsible.

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Developers clan conflict “reveals why the success of the game, while supercells declared” ClashCon “

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You may have heard of a little game called the clan [Free], a game that has spawned many imitators in the conflict, we have to grab its release in 2012 from the dough, now sitting nicely in the App Store grossing game before the second place. But this is how the game managed to become so popular, everyone uses it as a standalone phrase “very popular and very successful mobile game?” Ah clan “server programmer, Jonas Collaros, disclose his conflict . I think the secret behind the success of the game in the recent Game Developers Conference, Collaros claiming that the secret of success is simple supercell principle company: The game should be free for this reason alone, always according to Collaros, make. players to download the game, and make it part of their daily lives.

Developers said that once the players bite the game, they feel the need to check often so that they can help their families, in this way becoming more and more involved and spend more time with the game. By making the game as a whole into their daily work, the players persevered, and Collaros think, will play for a very long time. Supercell also recently announced that to celebrate the third birthday of the game, the company will hold its first meeting, ClashCon, aimed at gamers from around the world to unite. Intensive will be the basis of the October 24, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland, running supercell. The company has made a commitment to conflict ClashCon team players will be pleasantly surprised, but did not disclose more information.

I found clan conflict Collaros popularity stems from its assertion of freedom and people are essentially quite interesting, because it completely to avoid any unilateral action plans mentioned, so the game is not completely free. He does, after all, when describing the form of light addiction, he talked about a player constantly felt the need to jump into the game. I do not know whether this requires Collaros describe a little more complicated when you talk about the game combined with timers and unilateral action plan; is not there more of F2P games, such as clan conflict is not just the lack of any obstacles to access to early ? After all, you can enter the game is free, but if you are one of these players Collaros describe, you may not be able to continue playing, he describes the need to pay some money, the pace at some point.

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“LEGO Minifigures Online” Review – Great Lego game, not so great multiplayer game

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Imagine, you go through a fantastic world with great environmental changes, interesting enemies, an interesting story, adventure MMO RPG game. I know that this description fits most good games, so now imagine, in this online game, you get to one of the hundreds of different characters, each with his or her own playing skills, special moves and powers, You’ve got new Lego game, Funcom’s LEGO Minifigures online (LMO) [Free], the iOS version of the original PC game. The game offers a variety of interesting world and the environment, one included in the game and four more for the disengagement plan, the number of characters to play ridiculously amazing, and fighting, crushing, and the usual Lego building game fee.

Now, not all is beautiful; the game has a lot of great deceleration performance problems, rather than a very rare crash, can be used as part of a three-player group, especially when playing really mess with your fun. In addition, although the game to control the whole problem, such as automatic targeting system, with too strong opinions can infuriate. Finally, in an attempt to make the game safe for children, social interaction between players Funcom restrictions, which makes this online game more fun when you play when you play in LAN mode (in a room with other people), but the real Online multiplayer elements of the game hurt random player. Despite these problems, if you like Lego games, you have to play with friends or family, this game belongs to your collection.

When we wrote about recently, LMO started as a F2P computer games mainly for the younger players. The game focuses primarily on collecting many Minifigures, building a three-person team to explore a variety of environments. However, the first attempt was not successful way Funcom, the company hopes, it re-imagine the game, and released for computers and mobile phones. Developers join dubbing, film clips, scenes, scripted events, also switched F2P premium. Although this game is definitely for young players (in the registration, the game asked me to make sure my parents to let me play LMO), because it has a very smooth difficulty curve, healthy abundance around each level to find, and the relative – basic game, I think this is a lot of fun, especially since I’ve been a fan of LEGO, since I was a child. So, I have to agree with Funcom company claims LMO is a game for the people of all ages.

The game’s performance easily at any time for the most lovely features, and plasticky charm, only Lego has (at least in my opinion) exudation. Calling the game a strange childlike sense, while also operating with good design standards, in the traditional LEGO way, the theme of the theme from the transition with ease. You might go in the land was filled with pirates, discovered ice cream truck, it still does not appear weird. Some might say that this topic does not feel out of place coherent in a network game, especially to play the horizon and the world of WOW gamers, and to some extent they are right, because a theme of the game often can help players soaked. However, the consistency of a network game theme tire also consider the number of hours spent like those players to play the game. Therefore, LMOs abilitiy mix and match theme creates a refreshing MMO is to be visually stimulating, most other online games can not be achieved the way. Graphics of the game is relatively sharp, and not too relegation from the PC version, although the nature of Lego plaza is certainly tolerance. Game music is quite lovely, with your lovely Minifigures actions and adapt to the environment of music themes.

Speaking Minifigures, and one of the pleasures of living modified organisms are collected and assembled over a hundred Minifigures game offers. The Minifigures There are three main categories, guard, forward and generators, all self-evident. All figures can attack or construction, but, for example, if you need to build a gun shot to the shore pirate, a builder will do a lot faster than the defender. Different people have a crazy variety of skills in order to really change the way you play the game; people have a jump of laser guns, while another can use honey slow incoming enemies. You can collect or by completing the task, from different works, you find along the way to assemble them, or even later in real life Minifigures Minifigures, you can play how you want to easily change the game or what Minifigures trio entertain you Most (some are really fun to watch). You can level up each character using you complete all hit the front to earn stars, although the upgrade is very similar to all the characters, including as many more injuries, causing more damage, moving speed and other skills. Developers have said they do not want to create a complex system upgrade, to avoid confusion of young players, but the leveling system still allows some customization.

The method of LMOs also control the display, developers hope the game can be for everyone to use. You can control your minifigure or by tapping the screen or using the joystick on the screen, and can attack and use the button on the right side of the screen, use your skills. These buttons are quite sensitive US joystick, but I hope they are more personalized little screen position and size aspects. In addition, automatic aiming mode, apparently to help young players, often force you to attack the wrong target, for example, you might try to kill the enemy boss, but the game forces you to adhere to the mob attack around him. Also switch minifigures, this is not much help when you are under attack by the five skeletons, two tigers and a few monkeys, a small delay occasionally. The menu is rich and colorful, well-designed, and how many did not force you to dig display all the necessary information. The screen can display information Minifigure with people skills, his description, or even a fun section, located within the character Lego Universe.

The story of the game is surprisingly entertaining and good production values. LMO using powerful voice actor, helping the story come alive, the game is filled with cutscenes, and there are a lot of humor throughout. The rhythm of the story is very good, do not drag, and all of the quests is very short, but interesting, mostly for the goal of “crush all of X” or “kill all Y” type varieties, but some of the original too like artillery fire boat built target. To be honest, I was surprised at how consistent the whole story is, and how it is to guide the player along a path much fun and there is no limit.
Bearing in mind the huge, ambitious LMOs is how, I’m not surprised encountered many technical problems and failures. I’ve been playing games on my iPad Air, or I already have quite a bit of sabotage. In addition, I have collapsed and panic, you can stand in the single-player game, but can be quite annoying when you are playing with other people. To Funcom company’s credit, the company has continued to update the game the last few days, I can already see some improvement; however, the problem still exists, but they are definitely damaged the cross-platform aspects of the game, because they make the play on the computer Friends slightly embarrassed.

Even without performance problems, LMOs multiplayer side is not the most fascinating, because there are conducive to making the game safe for children (it really is) is, Funcom decided to limit player interaction. Add friends to your forum is very easy, because you can see them in your area to add all the other players and the click of a button, you can even use their player code to add specific friends or family. However, the LMO does not provide a team, you really can not communicate with other players sense; in a way, they are likely to become the preparations. I understand the need to protect children online, but you can not have a fun online games without good players to communicate.

Finally, when it comes to monetization decisions, Funcom’s designers gave an interesting interview in GameSpot, they explained that they decided to switch from the F2P premium. Obviously, they are tired of the walls behind their content, they want to purchase through the elimination of unilateral action plan for children, as if the world ends tomorrow, any set of parents worry about the players at ease. In addition, they claim that it is difficult to make a F2P game than one premium, because “you feel kind of dirty, when you create a micro transaction based game.” I have to admit, I like to enter the game Shops, contains only four projects, additional world, priced at $ 2.99, rather than unilateral action plan a long list. With about $ 17 you can get a great game, play it, and not worry about wage wall (though you still need to reach a certain level to unlock new worlds, much like most games).
Lego Minifigures OnlineOverall, LMO is a very fun game large amount of content that will entertain young and old (ER) players. Lot Minifigures also trigger the need “to collect all”, which add another layer of games. The game is not perfect, it has tarnished the entertainment value of the game’s technical problems, especially when playing with others. For me, though, the biggest regret of the game is the relative lack of interaction with other players, to the detriment of one of the game’s biggest features, its MMO properties. However, if you can play the game with the players in the same room, you will have lots of fun, crazy world Lego Universe through the crossing.

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EverQuest II server time locking PROGRESSION GO life today

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“I have always been too lenient with you, and for that I apologize. Perhaps if I had been stricter, it would not have come to this. But I want you to know that everything I do now, I do because I admire you… because I have faith in what you can one day become.”

EverQuest II will be launched some time 2:00 today, locking the progress of the server. Stormhold, PVE server, and Deathtoll, PVP server, will allow players to determine the fate of EQ2 each server players jump into the free play games, MMORPG experience because in the original version, and by the subsequent expansion of new players experienced.

Although EQ2 is free to play, the time progress of servers are not locked. Players To access these servers will have to be a member of all visits. USD $ 14.99 per month when all access is paid monthly subscription fee.

I do not know what time locked progress server? I’ll answer you EQ2 Q & A:

These are for those on a period of history of EverQuest II membership Lock ALL ACCESS particular server. Over time, additional expansion content unlocked on these servers. YOU CAN unlock the preference vote in our survey starting today. We will also launch each server community poll SO those players can determine the future of their servers.

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DEVILIAN live stream shows Dungeons & More

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“I know what he did. And I know what you did.” Zelkyr flung open Viryx’s window. He reached toward the group of kaliri perched outside. The high sage stroked the feathers of one bird. It cooed softly.

If you are in the west, you probably do not know a whole lot about Devilian online. The Ginno by the Bluehole developed and was released later in the year in the West Trion World, Devilian online is kind of a hybrid of Diablo-style game and between traditional MMO. Free to play title features an open world, underground city queuing system, like the Rift Valley Rift events.

If you missed Friday’s game live stream and interest from Devilian team, it certainly is worth the watch. Not only team to take you through an example of a dungeon (solo and group dungeons dungeons), but many other basic questions answered as stream expanded. Movement or mouse clicks or WASD to move (the player chooses), pets are not fighting pet, but provide similar robbery and sales from outside or enthusiast project allowance, equidistant from the camera is not locked, but could be reduced to a third more People map, and more.

There are many practical Devilian proposed form, players can become once they Devilian meter is full of information. There will be no cash shop type of project, allowing the player to always stay in Devilian form. All players will have to learn how / when to use this ability is limited, you will actually leveling Whether your character and your Devilian form. The two sides even has its own skills development and gear. In PvP, however, all the players are always in Devilian form.

Auction houses, the daily challenges, and gear statistical issues were answered.

The team also poke a growing need for cash key to open the shop, say they hate the mechanism, it will not have fun Devilian online gaming box. Drop in on the screen is that you take, there is no “Need Before Greed” function, if it drops on the screen, it is yours.

Be sure to check out the latest knowledge and first-class reveal, and when you register on beta Devilian online sites.

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Why Wow Won’t (or Shouldn’t) Go F2P

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Tomorrow will bring some form of big announcement for Blizzard’s (and the industry’s) flagship title, World of Warcraft. We’re most likely to get news of some new expansion loaded with lots of new and rehashed features, but rampant speculation points toward the possibility of some F2P announcement. I’m pretty sure that one is still many years away.

Blizzard has made a business of keeping WoW’s course steady as she goes. WoW has been about raiding since 2005. They could have changed that model to try and attract more people, but they don’t. There’s no need to change a sure thing, even if your numbers are only making you 100M a month. The cash flow is still fantastic, and WoW’s subscription numbers will skyrocket once again. Even if the numbers grow to HALF of what they were in Q1, that represents ENORMOUS growth. When your product bounces back that well in the next iteration, you don’t change. You wait until it stops bouncing back — at least Blizzard can afford to wait when it still generates that much cash. Change of this magnitude is far too radical to make simply for the sake of change.

The changes to the game itself to accommodate F2P would alter the very essence of WoW, and that itself would ignite a loss in players. Players, especially WoW players, do not want change. They don’t. Again, that’s why WoW has stayed the same game and simply become easier over the years. You have the same game providing the same experience, and doing everything it can to continue to provide that same experience with the least amount of friction possible.


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Melee Hunters May Bring Me Back for WoW Legion

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Demon Hunters look neat, but the one class I’d be interested in playing if I returned to WoW is the Melee Hunter. Hunters have always been special to me. My first class in WoW was a Hunter. I was the first level 60 Hunter on my server, first with any set items, first with full hunter set items, and first with the Rhok’delar. I was all about the Hunter class! Throughout my tenure as a Hunter, I always wished for the ability to go Melee Spec (and be viable) like Rexxar.

When I saw the Eagle Spear artifact I was originally thinking Druids. When they said Hunter I was a bit shocked. A spear? for a Hunter? Could this be the return of Keen to the Hunter class?

If WoW ultimately brings me back, I might have that chance. Here are the confirmed roles for Hunters in WoW’s Legion Expansion:

Survival: Melee Spec (with pet)
Beast Mastery: Ranged spec (with pet)
Marksmanship: Ranged spec (no pet)
Thea idea of a hunter fighting alongside a pet is awesome to me. I’m a pet class fan. Most people play the pet class because it’s usually the solo friendly option. In EverQuest, I was a Necromancer as my main — the epitome of solo friendly. However, I grouped most of my time in-game. Why? I like being social, but at the same time I like having a companion. I like having my pet feel like an extension of my character. The more my class interacts with the pet, and synergizes with it, the more I enjoy playing.

Introducing a melee hunter as a legit way to play is quite a change. Hunters are known for their ranged DPS. I’m curious if Hunters will be given the same respect as melee characters and actually allowed to put out competitive DPS. I could actually see the spec being utility, though. Maybe buffs or… maybe become a tank class?

I hope that the hunter class with a pet offers more to a group. I’m a little skeptical since most of WoW has gone to way of pure DPS, pure Heals, or pure Tanking. There isn’t much left for strategic play or the need for support, but I still have hope for the class to be more than sending your pet in to attack and raptor striking non-stop.

I’d also love more of the game to revolve around the pets. Pets had really neat features and mechanics back in the early days of WoW. Catching a pet and finding the perfect one was a lot of fun. I hope the Hunter class hall has some neat activities centered around pets.

Anyone else as interested in a Melee Hunter? I fear asking the question might reveal I am once again interested in the most popular class/spec.

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